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Wordtool is an AI-powered app designed to show you a path to simplicity of natural languages' structure.
It shows you how language works and how sentences are composed.
And it's simple and free too!

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See how language works
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“Wordtool is probably the most addictive language reference application I ever tried!”

Roberto Silveira Álvarez

Roberto Silveira Álvarez

Project manager, Brasil

Discover hidden meanings easily

Wordtool automatically detects hidden phrasal verbs, idioms, and other special-meaning parts of sentences
and shows their definition.

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Screenshot: meaning definition
Screenshot: sentence structure

Analyze sentences

With Wordtool you can easily understand the internal structure of sentences. If it's not enough — go deeper and learn more examples of particular words, meanings, or word dependencies.

to make
linguistics fun

Wordtool is a full-featured
semi-professional application with
the intention of attracting amateur learners.

  • Screenshot: parts of speech

    All possible parts of speech for every word. It can surprise you! Sometimes common words can have an interesting part of speech.

  • Screenshot: search

    Smart search can search among different tenses, cases, and other forms of provided words.

    You don't need to know the basic form of the word to get what you are searching for.

    Wordtool instantly shows sentences to provide context for your input, and suggests meanings, if available.
    This is amazing!

Unique sentences
Unique meanings
Different topics
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